June 2002 Photos

Cristina after completing her audition for Jeopardy's 10-12 year old competion to be taped later in the summer (note the Jeopardy hat). She was one of the 9 local finalists (out of 70). Cristina recently appeared in the play Cyrano de Bergerac

Jesse and LeeAnne visiting Ft. Lauderdale. In May Jesse received his post graduate LLM degree in tax law from the University of Florida. On June 10th they move to Nashville, Tennesse where he will be employed as a tax attorney. LeeAnne and Jesse are expecting their second child in December. Both are glad to be out of Gainesville.

Campbell ("the Camper") Little, man of action

Jesse, the"Camper', LeeAnne, and Winne (Jesse's mom).

My dad