Thanksgiving - 2002 - Nashville Tenn.
Visting Jesse, LeeAnn, and Campbell

Campbell, LeeAnn, and the new baby (soon to be born)

At Jesse's office (on a Saturday) - And, no, Jesse did not go to Michigan State.
Campbell is trying to decide if tax law is all that it's cranked up to be.

Should I be an engineer?

Or should I be a cowboy . . . hmmm?

Gail and John

Cristina, Jesse, and Campbell (the ole digital camera really did a great job on
the coloration, no?)

An exact replica of the Parthanon (praise be to Zeus!!!)

LeeAnn and Cristina

At the Hermitage (Andrew "Trail of Tears" Jackson)

Cristina in the Everglades (sorry . . . it's not Nashville . . . this photo
was on the digital "roll of film" before we left for the trip).