John and Jim go to their grade school
reunion in Claverack, New York
June 2006

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John (on extreme right) with some of his elementary school playmates - the principal of the school in the 1950s was Mr. Cullen who still alive (standing in front of John)

Jimmy (back row on extreme left) with the alumni from his 8th grade class who attended the reunion (at Kozels Restaurant)

Tom and Libby doing yard work at the home that they own in Delmar (in the Albany Suburbs) - they were visiting from Boston where they currently live

Mary still lives in Columbia County. here are some of her kids and grandkids - Chester, Robby, Robby Jr, Courtney, and Sarah

Our house in Claverack (the B&W inset is from the 1950's)

The Hudson Valley with the Catskill Mountains

The old light house in the Hudson River (looking down from Mt. Marino)

Front Street in Hudson (near train station)

Ronnie and his grandkids

Colorized photo of Jane Hoffmann taken in the 1920's (Thank you Mary)