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Autobiography of Henry O. Little, Sr.


Henry O. Little died in 1990 at the age of 88. He was survived by seven children and many grandchildren.

This autobiography was dictated on tape and transcribed by his son John (

His parents immigrated to California from Great Britian shortly before he was born in 1901. The family moved to Canada when he was a year old. He spent all of his childhood and teenage years in various villages in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

He attended the University of Manitoba and graduated from its medical school in 1929. He served as a country doctor in Manitoba for a number of years and then in the mid-1930's he traveled to London to study ophthalmology. He moved to New York City just prior to World War II. He married Jane Hoffmann in 1944. They moved to upstate Columbia County where he set up a medical practice with his brother Bob in Hudson and raised 7 children.