Things You Heard Your Jamaican Grandma Say . . .

Yuh mus be tink seh mi born behind cow!!!

Learn fi dance a yard before yuh go abroad.....

Chicken merry! Hawk deh near...

But unu see my dying trial?!?!?!

Children should be seen but not heard....

Fire de a mus mus tail, and him tink a cool breeze

A long time dem married, dem just neve church (For those couples living together without the benefit of marriage)

First water hog ketch him wash

If'n you caan ketch quashie, then ketch him shut.

Mi neva born when mi madda gone a market....

Whey sweet nanny goat ago run him belly...

When trouble tek yuh, pickney shut fit yuh...

Hard ears pickney, poopoo likkle.

Turn salt through a wooden spoon.

Dem mek I faat wid shame.

If yuh wan good, yuh nose haffi run.

te dey fe meh tomorrow feh yuh

one one cocoa, full basket...

whey sweet yuh gwine sour yuh...

sarry fi mauga dog, mauga dog tun roun bite yuh...

see an' blind. hear an' deaf...

cockroach no business in a fowl fight

Puss and dog nuh have de same luck

Dog know who fe bite and Duppy know who fe frighten

You head faver something whey joncrow draw brakes through

Whey mek you head faver senseh fowl nest

It so early, cock no even put on him draws yet!

If goat did know di size ah him batty-hole, him wouldn' swallow mango seed.

Short road draw blood. Long road draw sweat...

Mi trow mi corn, mi neva call noh foul...

Every hoe hab him tick a bush

What is fi yuh can be unfiyuh

Everyday bucket go a well, one day im battam mus drop out

Si yah pickney, dont look pan mi wid dat tone a vice.

See mi a one, come live wid mi is annada...

gal kibber you mouth

gal kibber you mouth

Yuh lay wid dog, yuh muss rise wid flee...

Yuh wing soon clip...

yu tink me born big so, it a so me noh woulda kill me madda

dog a shine teet laugh afta butcha

im black like five pas midnight

you tink say mi sleep a fia side

Yuh will soon find out how water walk go a pumpkin belly

hard ears pickney ynam rock stone

yu teet kin like dem trow dawg fire tick

Shine eye gyal is a trouble to a man

Cut eye cut eye cyan cut me in two

Wha gone bad a maning, cant come good a evening!

Ben de tree when it young

hard ears pickney go a market two times !!!

-Before good food waste, mek belly buss

-Yuh gwey gi weh yuh ass and shit trough yuh ribs!

If the cap fits, wear it...

Yuh soon know what God yuh serve...

You know what side your bread butta pon....

Your bread butta two side, so yuh alright...

If yuh caan hear, den yuh muss feel...

Jump outta frying pan and jump inna fire...

Mi force pickney fi wok, mi nuh force dem fi nyam

Yuh lie like wen cork a float pan waata top

Mi force pickney fi wok, mi nuh force dem fi nyam

Scornful dog nyam dutty puddin'...

seven different bratta seven different mind...

hang your baskit where you can ketch it....

mi luk like boar nose coolie?

If yu tink yu badda dan me... you can come try me

yu coulda bawl blood... me no business

but see ya pickney

if is one minute past midnight yu a go do it today

ah no ask me ah ask yu... a tell me a tell yu

if yu lie yu wi theif

Tan an see no pwile no dance, only interferance

weh eye no see, heart no leap

Stir i, papa, Stir i Suga de a de battom

Nuh try nuttin, mi ave eyes eena di back a mi head

If you can't be good, be carful

Yuh eyes bigga dan yuh stomach

craven choke puppy

de dolly 'ouse mash up

Mi soon suit yuh sorrows...

Noh draw mi tongue in yah today...

Teet and tongue muss meet...

Yuh soon get sumting fi cry fah...

Barking dog, seldom bite...

High seat kill Miss Thomas pus.

So mi get it, so mi sell it. No profit.

Dog have money buy cheese

Den you no born inna me han?

Look ow long me know yuh, mi know yuh fram before oonoo born.

"Mi granny always used to seh...": when platin wan dead it shoot.

Idle jackass follow cane trash go a market

Idle jackass follow cane trash go a market

Devil find work fi idle hands....

"who won' hear will feel"

Wha noh kill fattin'

mi trow mi carn, but mi noh kall noh fowl

Scornfull dog nam duty pudding..!!

Cow neva know de use a em tail until fly start tak it...

You help maga dog..em tun roun bite you

"a nuh the same day leaf drop ina water it a go rotten!"

Look how lang me know yuh, me know yuh fram before you was born.

Every mickle mek a muckle.

"what sweet nanny goat going run him belly"

another saying she always seh

"chicken merry, hawk deh near"

"what sweet nanny goat going run him belly"

"chicken merry, hawk deh near"

She stush nuh puss back foot

Tun you han mek fashun

mistake is new style

Deaf ears gi liad trouble.

If yu waan good yu nose haffi run Don' grudge nobody fi nuttin'

in a fi we days we neva hav all a dis ya tings.

What is done in di dark, muss come to light...

No mek nobady mek yuh haffi beat yuh chest (for those "he say, she say" situations).

Yuh betta come down offa yuh high horse...

Him don't know A from bull foot...

If you no mash ants you nu find em gut!!

Idle cane bump ca jackass go a pound

Carb walk a road too much em loose em claw

A no one day monkey a go wa wife

Johncrow wa go a lowad see breeze push em fassa

Good things comes to he who waits

De higher monekey climb de more em expose

You no have blue boot fe go climb 11 step

De early morning bird catch de worm

Too many play mek jack a dull boy

You fe see a blind hear a def

Falla fashing dog neva boil good soup..

Look pan pat a cuss kettle black...

Shine eye gal is a trouble to a man..

de blacka de berry de sweeta de juice..

yuh ca mek a mountain outta a mole heep..

yuh neva see smoke wed out fire yet..

cleanselyness is a part of godlyness...

Small axe fall big tree..

Weastful waste mek woeful want..

Charity begins at home..

De man who last laugh..laughs the best..

Every mickle mek a muckle...

A friend in a friend indeed..

Puss a dog no ha de same luck..

Yuh nuffe spear de rod and spoil de child..

Is not de man weh shit a road remember de one weh step inna it. 2) One hand ca kill louse..

Yuh ca let go door fe hole post..

Howdy and thankyou no brok no square..

Yuh dunce like bat..

Every hoe have dem stick a bush..

You ca climb tree from top..

Shut mouth no catch fly..

When yuh here fool a talk shake fire stick..

Em teeth rusty like fe jackass..

If yuh live in a glass house yuh nuffe throw stone..

Spit in de sky it fall inna yuh face..

Everybody pot no ready same time...

Tek time draw yuh han outta aligetor mouth..

No dash way yuh stick before you cross de bridge..

Yuh musn't tek on big wok if yuh no know how fe handle it.

come hell or high water..

Yuh are your mother's sorrow and your father's woe..

Craven dog always loose em bone..

Once bitten, twice shy..

Puss brok coconut inna yuh eye..

Yuh ca buy puss inna bag..

Smell yuh daddy renking powda..

Neva bite de hand weh feed yuh..

If yuh tink yuh bad, come touch a button..

Yuh face feva when chimmey go a war a come back..

Yuh ca reap in yuh corn if yuh neva sow none..

Yuh too likki likki..

Kiss me mumma knee boot..

Chip nuh fall from black..

When fox ca get de grape em say it sour..

A bad workman quarrell wed em tool..

Yuh mouth white like when jackass a nam starch...

Yuh neva miss de water till de well run dry..

Bottom nah tell yu fi get up!

chip nuh fall far from block..

pickney, yuh a drink mad puss piss?

de horse weh yuh a ride, a no it mi a saddle...

pride goeth before a fall..

mi have one deggay one..

a nuh something weh a go a something weh a come..

one hand can't clap..

yuh feva neva see come see

Yuh have too much iron a fire...

Who feels it, knows it...

Him juss change like green lizard...

Neva see, come see...

...When dish claat tun table claat...

Showoff always bring disgrace...

Fly high or fly low...

Come hell or high wata...

Him wi tief milk outta coffee.

You tek my foolish advice...

Speak when your spoken to and answer when your called.

Follow follow get left

let fart be free, holding it caused di death of poor Mary Lee

High seat kill Ms. Thomas puss.

Patient man ride donkey.

Nuh fatten cockroach fi fowl roun' di corner.

yuh tink me barn yesiday!

mout a massie, teet a plunda!!!

"Gal, weh yu a luk eena mi mawnin' fah?"

"pickney, go siddung an cum outta big people convasayshan!"

lard, papy show hav dem gang!!

what serve lang serve to masters!

fool have money, 'im tek it buy gold teet gih dawg.

Wanty-wanty cyaahn get it, an' Getty-getty nuh want it

Kill pickney gi muma, muma nuh nyam it, kill muma give pickney, pickney nyam it, seh it sweet.

Old time fire tik easy fi ketch

Pig ask mumma, "Muma mek yuh mout long suh?" Muma seh, "Ayy..pickeney yuh a grow yuh wi see.."

Young bud nuh know Storm

those who don't hear will feel!

The higher the monkey climb the more him expose

you a dis you soon want dus

can't catch quaco you catch him shut(shirt)

If fish come from water bottom and alligator hab belly ache yuh mus believe him.

When trouble retch yuh, pickney shut fit yuh.

If fish come from water bottom and say alligator hab belly ache yuh mus believe him.

When trouble retch yuh, pickney shut fit yuh.

Yuh free papah soon burn!

walk too fast,yuh walk two time

when dog avemunny im go buy cheese

yuh more harm than hurt.

wen poop a chat,fart deh near.

It holey holey but it clean.

But cuh pon yuh to.....

Fox caan get grape, him call it sour!

Craven kill puppy!

Unu don't have any abiding city?!?!

Stop di ramping and go siddung!!

I only hope yuh know yuh book like how yuh know di....(song, commercial, etc.)

Likkle pickney!!!!!

Him tief like puss!

I gwine laaaaace yuh skin...

Finders keepers, Loosers Weepers

look before you leap

dem deh from "woppie kill phillop"

Birds of a feature flock together

use deh one stone a kill deh two bird

he who rise in anger, must sit down with a loss

"Cigarette nuh ca who deh a back once in deh a front"

"Everybody wah go a heaven but nuh baddy nuh wah dead"

Every day bucket gona well one day the batty must drop out

Promise is a comfort to a fool

Whe eye nun see heart nu leap

Bud fly too faas, pass him nes

A stitch in time, save nine

Lawd Missis. Tings no pretty. Mi jus a tek kin teet kibber heart bun.

Monkey see, monkey do.

Di longest liver see di most

Mi no wan hear bout 'orse dead an cow fat.

If Mi lick yu, yu see yu fly a greece!

A bad cook spoil de broth.

daug weh got to much yard, go a bed without supper

rome wasn't built in a day

a thief shall neva prosper

a thief is a lier, and a lier is a thief

mi know yuh from yuh eye deh a yuh knee

It naw one time monkey gwan want wife.





a mus monkey she did a look pon mek de baby look so!

Mikaise tek time come

Dawg a sweat but long hair hide it.

Dress like puss to backfoot

Wha sweet goat mout, sour him arse

Idle donkey follow cane bup till dem go a pound.

Puss gone, Rat tek ova.

Weh no kill fatten.

wok, u meat caan nam

Every mickle mek a muckle

Man dead no call 'im duppy

If johncrow dont know how dem bottom part stay dont swallow abba seed.

Pumkin good, you see it by the stem.

Play wid big dog, big dog bite you. Play wid puppy, puppy lick you face.

Yu mussi tink se you meat can naam.

This is where I draw the line.

Wash the clothes, sweep the yard, tidy the house.

What drop pon head mus drop pon shoulder.

Be seen and not heard.

Stick mussi bruk ina ya ears.

one one coco full basket

high seat killed Mrs. Thomas' puss

a noh one day monkey want wife

If you spit in the sky it will fall in your face

trouble do set like rain walk good!

When trouble tek yuh, pickney shut fit yuh!!

Always have manners, it will carry yuh far!!

the truth is in the eyes of the beholder

Dawg nyam yu suppa.....

Watah drap outa mi eye!

God bless mi days!

Neva si, come si.

Want all, lose all.

Every mikkle mek a mukkle

Weh sweet yu soon sour yu.

hard ears pickney dead a sun hot, bite rock stone before dem dead

Dawg must know the size a im backside before im swallow bone.

Mi a go beat yuh til yuh soft like porridge

If mi lick yuh today yuh a go poop greese

yuh tink yuh big fe yuh drazz.., yuh betta jump back inna it.

mi notice say yuh a get bright fe yuh litle age, but gawn yuh soon get wah yuh a search fa man.

try nuh pass your place wed me little pickney.

if you ever see my dying child ya want what uno need fi go climb the tree and ask the monkey who bought you into this world.lmao

ah nah si u nah si or a cyan si u cyan si play wid puppy, puppy lik u mout

Nuh mek sake a people you donkey drop off a bridge.

What you dont know wont hurt you

blood is thicker than water

donkey sey de world nuh level cause every roll im roll an level it hug come root it up.

beauty is in de eyes of de beholder

hog ask sow sey "ma how yuh mout so long " sow sey "yuh a grow yuh wi know".

sleep wid dog yuh rise wid flee.

yu teeth kin like when lightning strike puss under pear tree.

the older the moon, the brighter the shine

don sing you own songkey

When sun hot draws 'tink.

Man a plan fi nyam calaloo, but calaloo a plan fi run man belly.

De pig wha yu a raise, me raise di sow.

Wha yeye no see, heart no leap

Me soon gi yu supmn fe bawl bout

Lawd av his mercy


See ya!

If me spit dry up before yu come back,yu nable a go ratten. (so that I won't delay to and from the shop)

h) If a even one suit yu have, mek sure it clean.

Walk fi nuttin betta dan sit fi nuttin.

Ah only one stick fi every hole.

start on crooked an cut straight.

De baybee pig ask him modda,`mama, ow come yuh nose so lang? Di modda pig respon, �doan worry, yuh a grow cum yuh will see�.

don't look pun she ting caus you in know who she ah sleep wid to get it,or how many jobs she ah steal from to pick up.braggy braggy caus confusion,many lie ah tell when ya chat too much,bleaching creams don't change de color or de race, all dem is do is to distort de face.most ah we ah black as tar, but we should be grateful and content fuh who we are.

When ashes cowl, dawg sleep in deh

Howdy an Tenky no bruck no square

If yuh no go a man fire-side, yuh no know how much fire-tick a bwile him pot.

All fish nyam man, but ah shark one get di blame.

Sweet mout fly follow coffin go a hole.

Back no know weh ole shut do fi i, so till ole shut tear off.

The above "sayings" though can be attributed to my "Jamaican Grannie", The Honour Mrs. Louise Bennett-Coverley.

So lon mi a sen yu gaaah skool an yu till a rite laka crab toe ah run dung gully?

Ears dat can't hear must feel...

tek time walk fas'

Dem mussi owe Delawrence.

The term was usaually used when someone who strives very hard and could never make better. They.., no matter how hard they tried would not be doing any better.

I use it from time to time as I know an individual who has about three jobs and is always broke, rent late, car almost repossessed....but every pan knock a street dem waan go but nah have no money.

deh more yuh stir shit, de stinker it gets

who god bless no man curse

stick bruk inna you ears pickney????

cow neva know di use a 'im tail till 'im lose it!!!

puss belly full, ratta batty tink

nuttin no hard fe do if it no kill you//

Wha sweet nanny goat ago run im belly.

One one coco full basket.

Chicken merry hawk dey near.

Every day you carry water to di well, one day di bottom ago drop out.

Cow never know di use a im tail till it gone.

Wha sweet nanny goat ago run im belly.

One one coco full basket.

Chicken merry hawk dey near.

Every day you carry bucket to di well, one day di bottom ago drop out. Cow never know di use a im tail till it gone.

if yuh lay inna foul coup, foul wi mess pan yuh.

what sweet yu goin sour yu

dem gi yu a six fi a nine

weh yuh a du wid mi naime

de block dat de builda refuse tun corner stone

Shine eye gal is a trouble to man

If is egg yu in de red

dem a gi yu basket fi carry wata.

Yuh lie like horse ah gallop....

Yuh back rusty...

So Yuh feel yuh strength... Well Ah gwine suit yuh sorrow!!

mi nuh ha powder fe wase pa black bud.

Wey it magga it pap aff

Yu a laugh like when dog dead a stranger burying ground

Bak a dog a dag, but befor' a dog a mista dog.

eh sai boy, uma tear'littl bloodclut polanapolanachu omi bumbaclut rasclut, boxaclut moayaknow!

hag hask im mumma y she mout so lang, she se pickney u a com an wi soon fine out

"Who feels H.I.M., knows H.I.M." JAH guide.

yuh favor when rat a naw pear yuh favor when goat hav bead

heh, bud a look dun pan ripe mango yah smell yuself yah run pass yuh likkle duty drwas dem wha sweet nanny goat a go run him belly story come to bump

yah bull duck an me a duppy conqueror

a nuh one day monkery waan wife yuh face favor when batty bex wid chimmi

Mi a sen yuh gaa school fi warm bench and naam mi lunch money????

want all loose all

self praise is no recommendation

yu hungry? gwan an eat mutton fat an air pie!

"you face part fava when monkey waan wife"

"any wey yuh ketch yuh cold yuh go blow yuh nose"

"mi sen di bwoy out from when Whapi did kill Philope"

make haste while the sun shine

Empty bag can't stand, and full bag can't bend

If yuh tink say mi a ramp wed yuh, yuh mek a sad mistake

yuh head feva when woman live bad a man yard

empty barrel mek de most noise

that mi granny used to chat too much.....

Chain yuh dog and mek mi goat run

uh, I never really care about jamaica, I just wanted to say something. so, er, something.

friendship is a priceless gift that cannot be bought or sold

yuh so dum if yuh see yuh name pan a bulla yuh woulda nam it

If yu will lie...yu will steal, if you will steal... yu will kill.

Yuh tink mi an yuh a size?

money is the root of all evil

money talks and bull shit walks

Any too black isn't good

belief kill and belief cure


"What is fe yu caant be un fe yu".

What is for you can't be not for you, or if it is meant to be for you, then it shall come to pass.

de more de merrier!!!!!

yuh need two sheet a zink fe tun de perfect shit house

there are many way fe choke a dog wed out killing him

"kep outta big people argument"

"mek mi shut up mi mouth before mi get lack up inna batty hole"

better beggar than thief

him is like a blasted plague

yuh have too much ion a fire

yuh can't have yuh cake and want a piece a de pie

de tate of de pudding is in the eating

nothing too black neva good

yuh nuffe judge de book by de cover

yuh need fe turn over a new leaf a move on

mi deh ya fe soothe him sorrows an heal him wounds

lock, stock an barrel

de two a dem a bench a batty

mi have a plaster fe him cut

ole fire stick easy fe light

a hungry man is an angry man

All who caan hear, wi feel

Puss gone, rat tek him place

Duppy know who fi frighten

Whey sweet yu, gwaan sour you

Mi come fi starve ya childen!

a no every thing good fi eat good fi talk

kiss me granny grine side.Me go wok fe get milk me nu go wok fe get cow.

Is not de size a de gun,but de efeck from de bullit. Mi likkle but mi TALAWAH.

if yuh ramp wed fire yuh mus get burn

Hi seat kill Ms. thomas puss

Hi seat kill Ms. thomas puss -Yu head fava one breadfruit -

me a wok fram me eye deh a me knee.

when yuh tink its peace and safety its sudden destruction..

easy squeeze makes no riot..

every tug tan up pan dem own battam..

so man a plan, god a wipe out..

when yuh tink yuh sweet yuh stink..

when yuh believe yuh in yuh out..

Ah sekah 'unno mi tun to fenkey.

yuh y'eye big likka fi bull frog

yuh giggling eh, yuh jus a heehehe likka horse. Ah soon ...cho ketch up yuh lip gal yu mout lang likke fi sow

Dog soon namm your suppa

what sweet you so much, pickney? Yu glad bag bust!

promises are made to be broken...

still water run deep...

some things are better left unknown...

its only a matter of time mi child...

Show me yuh company an a tell yuh who yuh are. Your friends reflect who you are.

Where dogs aren't invited no bones are provided.

Unwilling pickeney poopoo lickle.

If you cut up pickney give Mumma, Mumma nah eat it, but if you cut up mumma give pickney, pickney eat it.

Never throw wey yuh stick before you dun cross river.

-cow nuh know de use a im tail til it gone.

-duppy know who fi frighten.

-yuh a bullbuck but MI a duppy kankara!!

-yuh tink mi bawn yestideh?

-whe sweet nannygoat wi sour im.

-yuh gwine pick til yuh pick s---!!

-yuh eva si mi dine trial.....whe mi sey fi do?

-yuh is ma belly pain.

-neva mine, fi im 4 o'clock a come.

-ooman fool afta 6 o'clock but man fool a de time.

I am not a Jamaican (my wife is and I have visited the island 11 times), but I have chosen to add some phrases from my island (St. Thomas Virgin Islands) and my island roots (Nevis and St. Kitts).

"Too much friend mek crab nuh hab nuh head"

"Time so hard darg an arl a look wuk"

"Short cut draw long blood."

"You black like half past midnight!"

"You foot look like (Jamaicans say "favar")two garleen in de lake."

"Fart free lest it be de death of thee."

" ugly sah"!

"A betta box you into last week!"

"Ah who poop? Ah you poop? Next time you war'n poop, find you backside outside!"

"If ah laugh ah lay." (If I laugh too loud I might s_ _ _ myself).

"It's pure kick and box that young girl eat for diner." (an abused young wife next door to us)

"You so ugly even ugliness no war'n kip you company."

"What you pleasure ina you youth, you might regret ina you old age."

Garlin seh trus no shadow.

Too much rat nuh dig good hole

where ever there's a will, there's a way


those who can't hear will feel

Better safe than sorry..

Ben di tree from it young!!

Chop di tree at di root!!

Chip noh fly far from di block...

Dauk yuh backside, inside!!!!

Yuh ramp too damn much.... Go sidung!!!

Yuh know what happen to giggling girls???

Yuh muss'n licky, licky...

Monkey see, monkey do...

Falla, falla always get leff..

Showoff bring disgrace.

Yuh write like when crabtoe run dung a gully...

Yuh love too much fren and cumbolo!!!

Pickney!!!! Noh badda raise up mi blood pressa in yah today

Imagine, yuh couldn't even say, "daug kiss mi tail".

Yuh ride like lightning, yuh crash like thunder.

Stay deh skin yuh teeth like Kong dog...

OR Yuh teeth kin like Kong dog (who is "Kong"? - Don't ask me)*laff*

Peel-head foul favah shouldah bob

Yuh gwine pick & pick til yuh pick s^%#!!!

Yuh muss have mannaz to big people.

Mannaz will tek yuh true di world.

Yuh see how yuh head fava something whey Johncrow draw brakes inna?!?!

Nuh backchat me!!!

Why your book full a so much dawg eays?!?!

It (usually some form of hot beverge such as Milo or Horlicks) cold like puppy nose.

Lawd!!! Tek di case & gimmi di pilla!!

When yuh tink is peace and safety, is sudden destruction

When puss belly full, rat batty stink.

yuh a laugh, dog a shine teeth of a butcha.

You cyain live in "hope" and die in Contan' Spring!

New broom sweep clean but old broom know de corner

Big up your chest..(be proud of yourself)

high seat kill miss t'amas puss

Pig min arsk e marme wha mek she mout so long. Marmme tell pig wait fuh time.

You never see fowl bottom till the win blow.

Fun fuh dog is death to soldire crab.

Who got coco a sun look fuh rain.

Everyday bucket go a well, bottom mus drop out.

Donna Jones - Toronto, Canada

The legend has come of age.. (if yuh tink yuh too big fe somebody talk to yuh)

go scratch yuh batty pon bugwire

hard ears carry a soft backside

clean dis and mi want it "shine lacka dollar piece"

wa mek yuh chat so much...yuh dam parrot dis morning fe breakfast.

yuh come of age now so do whatever floats your boat..

You're like a porta (a homemade wine) without fraught (you're all talk and no action).

Prevention is betta dan cure.

If yuh can't be good, be careful.

Yuh luv too much say say, say say!

Yuh favor sumtin dranco roast plantain pon Yuh mouth big like fi puddin pan Go nyam shit, mek fly come arrest yuh

Yuh head back picky-picky like fi fowl nest

Mi granny chicken foot

Yuh tink mi an yuh a size!

Yuh waan sumtin fi bawl fah

Oonu backside

Kiss mi neck

Yuh mout set pon spring?

...if ah lick yuh, yuh goup ah gum tree!! ...when plantain wan ded, it shoot!!

if i lick yuh yuh piss

yuh goin find out a which god yuh serve

When pus belly full, ratta batty stink 2/ You kin you teeth till dem soon ketch cold 3/ Ah come it a come ah no go it a go

yuh head look like woman live bad a man house

hard ears pickney dead a sun hot

yuh shaking yuh head like yuh got flies in yuh ears

Tan an see no spoil no dance

thats what happen when kitchen towel turn table cloth

see me an come live wid me a two different things

you see how you face favor jackass under cool shady

whey eye no see, heart no lep

you licky licky till you bite ie.

yuh belly feva when kid muma ded..

When yu hand in a duppy batty tek time draw it out!

I gway serve yuh a sauce yuh see, but mi nuh ready fe yuh yet..

Yuh can huff ah puff as much as yuh wa, but yuh caan blow mi down

Never let sun catch yuh in your bed

Long walk draw sweat; short walk draw blood.

Mi granny always used to seh ! Dig a pit feh smodey an YOU a go fall in a it !

Mi granny always used to seh

De spider an de fly cyan mek a bargin

unoo cyan carry two faice under one cyap

Wanti Wanti cyan getti

When unoo go to donkey house na talk bout im ears

one love

Mi granny always used to seh

If de cyap fit ya no muss wear it !

Cows ave no business in horse play !

one love

Sorry fi mawga dawg Mawga dawg tun roun bite yu

practice wa yuh preach

New broom sweep clean but ole' broom know di corners..

Pot a call kekkle black...

Take di matta outta yuh eye before yuh tek it outta smaddy else own.

Yuh mussin' red eye.

Yuh gwine pick & pick so til yuh pick sh*#!

your han mus a join lodge why yuh caan help do notin...

Fren kill fren, dirty wata out fire...

One man's loss, is a next man's gain...

Nut'n yu have, Nut'n yu look fa, You neva diappointed

Hard ears pickney dead a sun hot

Pot pon fire no cry fe hunger

Meck a lick em so em know how fe dead sweet

haul yuh ass up, ah go fin sittin fe do.. (when they think you are lazy)

Mi soon bus your bubble yuh no...

kebba yuh mouth when yuh here big people a talk...

Wha sweet yu a go sour yu

Nuh tek me mek pappy show!

piglet use fi ask im madda sey, mek yu mout so long? Madda use fi tell im yu a gro yu we kno.

Nuh tek me mek pappy show!

piglet use fi ask im madda sey, mek yu mout so long? Madda use fi tell im yu a gro yu we kno.

Papaa dem pon tree.

Yu a smell yu arm and tink a warm yarm!

Dem dey leg caan pass soldra camp.

Sho mi yuh fren han a tell yu who yu is!

Yu sleep like a rollin kalf!

If yu nuh hab mannas yu nah reech fur!


Heaven fi go, a noh cocoa fi nyam!!!

mi have a bone fe pick wid yuh...

Show off bring disgrace...

Yuh fava kin teet con dawg.

Yuh batty cock like a when black ants a climb pimento tree.

"The more monkey climb...a the more him ass expose!"

Fi know mi han fi live widt mi ah two different tings!!!

To kno me and to live with me are two different things!!!

Fi know mi han fi live widt mi ah two different tings!!!

To know me and to live with me are two different things!!!


Mi Granny used to seh"Libwell woman hold dem pim and piss"

If you noh mash ant you noh know wha in a he gut.

Me rather be a little thing going up, than a big thing coming down.

Chicken merry, hawk de near.

Teeth no laugh after good sittin'.

You favah mongoose.

Stay de an' tek me fi fool.

Ask me no questions I tell you no lies, ask me again and I'll spit in your eye.

de sweetness a yu prick ago bring sorrows to yu soul

Day never lite dag se have seven puppy

Day neva lite dag have seven puppy. MEANS: the same thing she tell you the same thing happened.

Thief neva like fe se another thief carry lang bag.

wa inna mind, inna bone...

yuh a play fool fe catch wise..

stop form fool a yuh self ...

Yuh free paypa soon bun!!

it's easier said than done..

if yuh a go play de game, mek sure yuh play it safe...

evri time bucket go a well, one dia de battom guh fall out!

never let it be said..

Hard airs pickney ded 12 aclack time!

Play wid puppy, puppy lick yuh mout!

Nu watch the noise of de market jus watch yu correct change

nuh throw stone behine yuh

frog seh what is joke to yuh is death to me!

fia deh a mus mus tail him tink a cool breeze

i am between a rock and a hard stone...

yuh nuffe tak bad tings mek joke...

When yu hear faat a talk shake fire tik

Wha sweet nanny goat a go run im belly.

"If you wan roas corn you finger mus bun."

"fire a tap, fire a battam, hallelulah inna de miggle." (pudding baking on wood fire)

find some whey fi put you head before you put yuh cock

dirt nah kill you unless it drop down 'pon ya

Yuh mean like starapple!!!

Bwoy, go comb ya hed, yu nah see ya hed favor fox botty!

weh hair nuh grow nuh put raza deh

Frog say what is joke to yu is det ti im Jail nu mek fi dog Ma a tus, Pa a tus, pickney mus come tus. Me an yu inya tinite, iz ida HELL are POWDAHOUSE!!!

Hard ears pickney does feel

All skin teet nuh laugh

I may be laughing but I am dead searious

Unu mekin so much noise mi ears cian eat grass!

Dem who cian hear mus feel.

see an blind, hear an def

weh nuh kill fatten

yuh mek yuh bed, yuk lie in it...

Jaimacan mi horny

de first shall be de last and de last shall be de first...

do unto others as you have them do unto you...

why yuh so mean, de bible say yuh fe share...

Fire dah mus mus tail him tink a cool breeze.

Fire dah mus mus tail him tink a cool breeze.

Chicken merry hawk deh near.

Yuh nuh know what a clock a strike.

Hag did ask him mother why har mouth so long, when yuh grow up you will find out.

Dem a liv beverage life. (people who are not married and living together, are looked upon as living a "worthless" life.)

Fire dah mus mus tail him tink a cool breeze.

Chicken merry hawk deh near.

Yuh nuh know what a clock a strike.

Hag did ask him mother why har mouth so long, when yuh grow up you will find out.

Dem a liv beverage life. (people who are not married and living together, are looked upon as living a "worthless" life.)

Gal yuh bread well butter.

Mi is very commicle. (strange).

Nine day dog never ave puppy....

Yuh see mi dine trial, but a wah dis dooh ehe.

Fire dah mus mus tail him tink a cool breeze.

Chicken merry hawk deh near.

Yuh nuh know what a clock a strike.

Hag did ask him mother why har mouth so long, when yuh grow up you will find out.

Dem a liv beverage life. (people who are not married and living together, are looked upon as living a "worthless" life.)

Gal yuh bread well butter.

Mi is very commicle. (strange).

Nine day dog never ave puppy....

Yuh see mi dine trial, but a wah dis dooh ehe.

Him teet kin like when goat head inna fire.

Fire dah mus mus tail him tink a cool breeze.

Chicken merry hawk deh near.

Yuh nuh know what a clock a strike.

Hag did ask him mother why har mouth so long, when yuh grow up you will find out.

Dem a liv beverage life. (people who are not married and living together, are looked upon as living a "worthless" life.)

Gal yuh bread well butter.

Mi is very commicle. (strange).

Nine day dog never ave puppy....

Yuh see mi dine trial, but a wah dis dooh ehe.

Him teet kin like when goat head inna fire.

Fire dah mus mus tail him tink a cool breeze.

Chicken merry hawk deh near.

Yuh nuh know what a clock a strike.

Hag did ask him mother why har mouth so long, when yuh grow up you will find out.

Dem a liv beverage life. (people who are not married and living together, are looked upon as living a "worthless" life.)

Gal yuh bread well butter.

Mi is very commicle. (strange).

Nine day dog never ave puppy....

Yuh see mi dine trial, but a wah dis dooh ehe.

Him teet kin like when goat head inna fire.

Stop stan up so like yuh a cruff..

dog neva ha nine puppy....(when you say something is going to happen and before you know it, it happens)

I'll scratch your back and you'll scratch mine...

mi nu ha nuttin more fe say to yuh, a rest me rest my case..

Wha sweet nanny goat,Gwine run im belly

Fowl weh feed a yawd noh hard fi ketch

Puss and dawg noh have di same luck

Fire weh dey a muse muse tail im tink a cool breeze

Dont throw stone inna glass house

Puss and dawg noh have di same luck

Whatever comes around goes around

Noh judge a book by di cover

Dont yuh chicken before di eggs are hatched

Nuh put yuh eggs in one basket

Blackbud meat can't nyam

Dont build yuh house pon sand

Falla fashin bruk maaga dawg neck

High seat bruk miss thomas foot

Early bird ketch di most worms

Kiss mi neck whata poppy show

Early to bed,early to rise,keep yourself healty and wise

Gal yuh look trash and ready eeeeeeeh

Yuh teeth fabba when zipper a grin out

Cornmeal and rum an noh friend

Dont fling stone ina hog pen

Shet up yuh kitchen door

Mi nah fatten fowl fi mongoose

Shine yeye gal is a trouble man

Treat others as you would like to be treated

Noh put yuh mouth wey yuh hand cant reach it

Yuh face fabba unda fowl ruse

Yuh haffi noh fi dance a yard before yuh go abroad

Pumpkin noh run without vine

Di devil always nwoh wey fi fine idle works

Every nickle mek a nuckle

Every bucket mus have a bottom

Gal kibba yuh mouth noh (why do you talk so much)

Sorry can'nt but soldier lorry

Meekly wait and murmur not..

Mi dead serious, mi na mek nuh joke wed you..

de two a dem comin like peas in a pod..

Short cut draw blood, long way draw sweat. 2. Everybody wah go a heaven but nuh baddy nuh wah dead.

Dawg a sweat but long hair hide it.

Every mickle mek a mukkle -or- one one cocoa full basket.

why yuh nuh go shit a bush an tak stick play inna it...(when they don't want to be bothered)

wha nu kill you, fatten you

wha no kill you fatten you

If you lie with dawg yuh rise with flea.

yuh han join church

gwaaan... gi whe yu ass and shit tru yu ribs ..yu hear

Fe peace's sake and heaven's glory LEAVE ME ALONE...

mi nuh inna no long argument wed yuh...

chat to mi front an nuh to me back... (don't talk behind my back)

empty barrels makes the most noise.

yuh tink mi drop fram sky?

gal! kibber yuh mout.

don't count yuh chickens before dem hatch!!!

if yuh a 99 mi one solid hundrid.

is love!!!

yuh a tan up inna sun like yuh owe obeah man!!!

ugly pickney grow pretty fi tru!!!!

mi wi kick yuh weh sun nuh shine!!!

yuh face flat like bammy

yuh face roun' likka fi puddin' pan

a pig is not a person, don't cast ur pearlz to swine!!

yuh nat even as big as mi finga tip

yuh aclap yuh mout' like yuh a pig

yuh nuh fi love sidung an lap yuh farck tail so like yuh a gal!!(mother reprimanding talkative son).

mi waan fi kno' if a me bring yuh bring mi or a me bring yuh?

If yu caan sey sumting good, doan sey notten at all

Goat a swear fe eat gwaako, gwaako a swear fe run goat belly.

Wey eye no see heart no leap

Look before you leap

Carry go bring come

Sorry fe maaga dog, maaga dog tun roun bite yu

yu never know the use a yu bottom till bwile come deh

When pig belly full,potato have skin

If yu no like it bite it

nuttne worse dan wen dish-towel tun tablecloth

Yu ugly like sin

Mi nuh baan bak a cow

yu gwaan like yu shit can mek patty

yu maaga like dawg

Johncro a roase plantin fe yu

yu can carry de horse to de waata but yu caan mek him drink. Silent river run deep

if yu caant hear yu'll feel

every dog have im day

every dog have im day

Mi granny used to se: "Weh sweet nanny goat a gu run him belly."

John-crow wa'an go a low-lan',' likkle breeze go blow

idle donkey walk a road, pick up cane trash til im fin' imself a pound

every hoe have im stick a bush

bad min' wussa dan witchcraft

howdy an' tenky nuh bruk nuh square

hanar your madder an' fader

manners carry yuh roun' de worl'

But 'tap, se yah gyal!

Yuh too force-ripe!!

But unnu eva see me dyin' trial, doh Lawd!!

But Jeesas!, what a pelem-pem pan me!

But 'tap, se yah gyal!

Yuh too force-ripe!!

But unnu eva see me dyin' trial, doh Lawd!!

But Jeesas!, what a pelem-pem pan me!

Boy caan even piss strait.

Weh sweet nanny goat a go run him belly.

If a lickyu, yu piss.

Jump outta frying pan and jump inna fire.

Silent river run deep.

Him woulda see him name pon bulla and nyam it.

Dunce like a bat.

Yu fava wen dawg slip hafa tree.

Bite and Blow.

Unu is a different breed.

You born man already.

Yu foot white like ashes pompeii.

You goin' mek me sin me soul. Puss have money, buy butter.

You born bad, me born badder.

You drop biff, me drop tim.

If you born to hang you can't drown.

If you think I'm joking, you have another guess coming.

Fass going kill you.

Two bull can't live in the same pen.

You see your face.

You is as shaap as a razor

You look trash Ms James

Wampum mi staaaar

Whose own is di ting ova ya so

yuh face fe eva when lightnin' clap puss unda pear tree.

kuh pon di pot a call di keckle black.

tief nuh like fe see tief carry long bag.

mi know yuh from yuh yeye deh ah yuh knee.

yuh piss cian even bun grass.

what's good fi di goose, good fi di giyanda.

white squawl a terrorize yuh mouth.

dem a good friend, dem come een like batty an chair

Mi tro mi con but mi noh call noh fowl.

Mi tro mi con but mi noh call noh fowl.

Mi Granny always used to seh, you no easy.

MI Granny always used to seh don't put the whole of yer eggs in one basket

If she weh have spoon, shee'da drink soup.

Neva cuss alligator till ya done cross bridge

If ya no fix car, ya sleep in car

No yogurt till ya done fix TV

han wash han mek han come clean

what sweeten a goat mouth does bun he tail

if ya feed maga dog, maga dog bite ya

Tek sleep an' mark det!

Juss as cheap....

Might as juss...

Mi trow stone inna hog pen. Which eva one squeel, a him it lick.

Licky, licky neva fail!! Ketch dem wid dem belly everytime.

check out de breed before yu buy de hog

But henybady si mi dy'n trial.

Kiss mi neck

Weh di backside yu a tell me!!!

Unnu a foundation!

Look a pon de TV and yuh see dis likkle baby a no shoes, dis likkle baby a no clothes, dis likkle baby a no home, a fifty billion people a go send money fi dis likkle baby, de likkle baby still a poor.

"Beenie Man"

Now yuh brudda yuh go to da schools of Babylon and learn all yuh can about da spaceship. And yuh sista you go down to da centre of da eart through da swamps and da sea and learn everytin yuh can from da creatures yuh see dere. Yuh'll seh brudda dat yuh can build a rocket to take yuh to da moon. Don't ya tink sista dat yuh could call up lightening and knock his rocket out of da sky?!!?.

Puss belly full, ratta batty tink. That is, when we have many choices, we turn our backs on what we are used to.

Kiss mi neckstring!!

Kiss mi backfoot!!

Blouse & Skirt!!!

Yuh wait deh... I gwine mek yuh fall-e-t-t...!!

Noh throw rockstone behind yuh.

Empty barrel mek di most noise!!!

If yuh cahh ear yuh wi feel

weh nuh sweet nannie goat run im belly

while the grass a grow, the horse ah starve

ooh mi so hungry mi belly wondering who block traffic.

Riva stone nuh kno ow sun bun feel

Caan plant korn and xpec tuh reep peas whey joake tu yu iz death tu missa frag avery mickle meka muckle luk befure yuh leap

Mi gwine give unu one good lick a mek yuh piss blood yuh see.

Wha yuh call mi name fah, mi owe yuh.

Unu nah hear, soh unu gwine feel.

Likkle pickney mus learn fi keep dem R.A double S (rass) han mouth steady

yu cah teach and old dog new trick

yu mussy a drink mad puss piss!!!

chew yu fat!!

if ah lick yuh puuck wis ty fence!!

chicken merry awk is near.

Learn fi crawl before yu walk.

Jest doo iit.



Whey sweet nanny goat a go run en belly.


Mi like cheezee but you foot, run all the most theifing rat ina the house ya!


that if you cut a baby's hair off before age 1 he won't talk at all.

weh ears no hear hart no leap

kut eye kut eye kan't kut me in two..........penny penny kan't buy my shoes

If a lick yuh yuh se stars me a bulldaugh an duppy concara se me an come live wid me a two difrent sit'n

Cow have caf fe ease them back.

Cow have caf fe ease them back.(Parents have children to help them.)

anwillin pickni dee-dee likkle

Fire deh ya muss muss tail and 'im tink it's cool breeze.

Stand dere and a look pan mi Mi soon box U upside ya head

A wa sweet U

Ya brush ya teet hfrom mornin

"I-member di BushWeed Rasta livin in di Concrete Jungle"

Mi Granny always use to seh wha sweet Nanny goat ago run him belly, so simmer down

Wha no kil fatten

Me diya! a bunx shit outta hog mout!

weh sweet nanny goat a go run em belly.

Weh gone bad a morning can't come good a evening

so how demma flex---Rastaman has to Rebel--even in the heart of Babylon,Flensburg,Germany.

Dis worl' is a school yah mi chile, yuh learn sumptin' new everyday!!

A bax yu, yu vomit whe yu neva eat!!!

A kick yu, yu go up!!!!

"Chicken merry, hawk deh near"

" Jankro seh, if yuh nuh know how yuh bak part tan, nuh swalla abbey seed".

"Jackass seh di worl nuh lebble"

"Grass an stone have ease"

"It easya fi milk ah bull dan fi beg yuh fi doo sopme rone di yade"

Cerase tea good fi purge yuh bood, an fi stap belly ache. If a man grab yuh, grab im bullus!

My dad allways told me: 'Never, ever go to Jamaica!'



nuh everything good fi eat good fi talk

some a nyaam chicken by day and Johncrow by night

But me no buts

stop yuh comin an come

people bussiness rotten teeth

Piglet ask hog mek she mouth so long

Hog seh yuh a come yuh wi si

But a coulda weh di muma.....

craven dawg choke pan bone

yuh fava pattoo

some a nyaam chicken by day and Johncrow by night

But me no buts

stop yuh comin an come

people bussiness rotten teeth

Piglet ask hog mek she mouth so long

Hog seh yuh a come yuh wi si

But a coulda weh di muma.....

craven dawg choke pan bone

yuh fava pattoo

if a lik yuh, yuh si peenie wallie

a gwen corn yuh ass like pork

who nu hear will feel

who nu hear will feel

Mi granny always used to seh no badda dem bawaay im to come bock on chewsday yuh ina big choble im come bock wit dat oldda ooman

Mi Nah Fatten Cockroach fe Fowl

Yuh ed big like warf dawg seed.

"if yu cant cook it dont eat it"

Mi granny used to seh: if yu live inna glass 'ouse dont chrew stone.

dont count yu chicken before dem atch!

yu jawbone fava de one samson used fi kill de philistine!

If yuh cyaan ketch kwaashi...ketch him shut

Same way mi get it mi fling it gi yuh

Di gyal oodah teef milk outta coffee tea

Mek yuh fren dem miss yuh...or...Nuh luv people yard

If mi want to know yuh, mi look pon yuh fren dem

See an blind...hear an def....

Bettah muss come

Every dawg nuh have di same luck

If yuh want it fi burn....wood affi push ah fire

Every kwashi have him day

If yu caan hear yu must feel

Look ina di mirra before yu start pick di matta out a my eye

Ears cyann 'ear, ass gwine feel

Hog see firs' waata, 'im wash

" Yu layzee like ah bottom hog tie wood"

" no wile im man, no wile im"

de two a dem like po' and b'ine

you siddo'n de a gi' long laugh fi gungoo peas

Hog ask him mumma wha mek him nose so long. Mumma sey "Aah mi pickney, grow come see."

Adrian Griffiths - Mi a-go a de ospital to avun huperation.

Wha a gwan! I'm a 16 year old whose family is from Jamaica and just thought I'd add this to your mail

Later, Adrian

"A nuh everyting good fi eat good fi talk"

Dog seh mi prefer se ten mon more don one bwoy.

bwoy yuh a wolf in a sheep frock.

"Ongle a foolish dawg bark afta a flying bud"

Duppy know who fi frightin


Ashes cold dwog sleep maga dwog hed big.

Two donkey nuh bray at the same time.

Yuh a smell yuh arm an' think a roast yam.

Scornfull dog always nyam dutty pudden.

Blouse an' skirt, pants an' shirt!

Fire deh a muss muss tail him think a cool breeze.

Kiss my neck sah!

Mi nuh want not even my madda come and come touch

dese t'ings.

I goin' bus unu gut! What a piece o' hellment!

If mi lick yuh, yu piss.

A wha' di backfoot...

Is wha' tek yu pitney?

If yu nuh do eet an' 'im nuh do eet, den a wha'? Duppy

come in 'ere a move it?

wat sweet nannygoat a go run him belly

Yuh damn muckut!!

yuh nuh ave no abiding city!!!!

yuh owe obeah man, mek yuh no go a yu bed!

De two a dem fava bench an batty

A macabaca or a herring sprat

Porta wine mek de most froth

Empty zinc pan mek de most noise

Craven dog lose dem bone

Fire de a muss muss tail him tink a cool breeze

Move you wats it nots it

Glass musi bruck inna you ears

Caca fart

Wa sweet you soon sour you

remembah, yu pop mama, yu pop yuself

un nu tun big ooman now bout un deh wid man

un nu backa wall

yuh muss tink seh mi bawn otha day

yuh fastey and bright

yuh nawsie lacka dog

un nu live like cats and dogs

silent riva run deep {shi seh dat mean watch out fi a silent person} 5)yuh don't know wat yuh hab till it gone

don't count yuh chicken till it hatched

the longest riva will see the most

is not because a cow can't talk but because im neva mek fi talk 9) the olda di moon di brighta it shine

mum is do werd

every shet eye a nuh sleep

when yuh waan know yuh fren lie dung pon di road side and act like yuh drunk

pig axe hog why har mouth suh long and seh ,bowy a cum yuh a cum yuh wi si

a kill un nu mumma seh un nu fi kill mi aff b-4 mi time

whapen, you ah tun ole before you young?

hell an' powda house wid we tonite

Cow neva know di use ah him tail till when fly stawt fi tek it.

Who no put, no look

Notin try, notin done...

If everybody a come from Kingston me nuh no why de island nah tip over

Pot boil full;pot cover naam some

a no everthin yu see somebody wit yu fi want for yu no know wat them a fi do fi get it

u tink mi jus born de oda day

De higher de monkey climb, de more 'im expose him behind.

Every dog have im day, every puss im four o'clock

When trouble tek yuh, pickney shut fit

Whe sweet yuh, soon sour yuh

Monkey nevah know the use a 'im behind till bwoil com pon it.

wah sweet nanny goat a go run im belly.

If yu put himself unda fowl roost, fowl wi shit pan yu

Igle dankey falla cane bump gah poun If a lik yu, yu si weh wata walk gah pumpkin belly Wah no kill yu, fatten yu Yu fava arms house

If it no brok, don't fix it A who a fool yu

Yuh face fava when tunda clap puss unda pear tree. Yuh mout set like when batty bex wid chimmy.

come clean the jam from between my toes.

one one cocoa full basket.....

gal yu batty!!! (when she cannot be bothered)

If unnu ears nuh ear, wuh skin mus feel.

leaf dont rotten the same day it drop ina water.

scornful dawg nam rotten pudding.

who the cap fit let them wear it.

nuh trouble weh nuh trouble yuh.

bungle a nuh fi yuh nuh loose it.

behind me a dawg, in front me a mr. dawg.

yuh lay wid dawg, yuh rise wid flea.

Yuh 'ead big like warf dawg

Old fire stick easy fi ketch

Mi granny use to say, one one coco full basket.

Mi granny always use to say every stick have him hoe a bush

Mi granny aways use to say, every mickle mek a mockle

Mi granny always use to say, pig when ask him mumma wha mek you mouth so long. Mumma say bam bye we all we see

Dawg gaw namn yu suppa

if you waa know yu fren, farm drunk an lidung a roadside

hard ears pickney dead a sun hot

leave yuh shit a yard before yuh go a town.

Lawd have mercy pon Miss Percy and Lef mi nuh

Poor me dead man pickney

donkey draws!

You walk like wen crab tief

Wa you nuh like, nuh give it to a next one

you tink me a wok wid you

face fava spoon

man musa die an gona he ll 6. six of one and haf a dozen of de oda

scarnful dawg nyam dutty puddin'

cow never know di use of 'im tail 'till di butcha cut it off

don't watch di tool di work it can do, watch da man that behind it

Yu goin fin out weh water walk go a pumpkin belly.

something jiggeling man....

Mi Granny an mi modda always used to seh:

"Bwoy yu stink like Jeffiniya nose hole!!!!"

" Yu no ha dog shame, puss bruk coconut inna yu eye"

" Ketch up yu lip mek mi pass"

" yu nyam so so dumplin, go look Hog dee dee"

:) the good old days

Wanti wanti caan geti but getti getti nuh wanti

wanti wani can get ti. getti getti no wan ti

from de dey mi born me neba

wha sweet nany goat a go run dem belly

But anybody eva si mi dine trial!

Yuh a look ina mi mawnin an' caan seh good evening. See yah! Pop 'tory gimme mi chile A nuh everybady yuh fi nyam from Tek time walk fas' High seat kill miss Thomas puss Tek mi foolish advice Fi him bread done butter See an' blin' hear an' deaf Yuh nuffi lub fas in a people business

"Sheep don't make goat"

"Bungle a nuh feh yuh, nuh loose it"

nuh try wuk yuh brains pon meh.

i'd like to seymore butts

Poor me poor-poor. But, Lawd, you nuh see me crosses?

Donkey have him picney to help him carry load

go tek a bath....yu di wiff like a fox

never bit di han dat feed you

Never si, come si.

Hey my whoman my whoman, yuh left your penties on my kitchen :)

A nuh wan time monkey want wife.

Di higher monkey clime, a di more him drawz expose.

Once a man, twice a child.

Dat too dear, you a sell it fi twin pum pum cow price.

You want you drop boof and me drop ping.

Yuh renk lakka nanny goat.

It happen before mi coulda seh 'who live yah'!

yuh renk lakka nanny goat

It happ'n before mi coulda seh 'who live yah'!

who beg nah get, an who nuh beg nuh want!

hey you likkle pissin tail gal!

no wanga gut no wanga belly.

one, one coco full baskit.

everyday buckit gua well one day I battam ago drop out.

"don go 'round talken bout his big ears...or he gonna go round talken bout ya big booty."

Who di cap fit mek dem wear it.

Cut eye cut eye caah cut mi dung

Di devil always gi idlers wuk fi duh waah nuh pisen fatten.

Wha sweet nanny goat gwine run im belly Haad ears pickney puppo likkle.

Yu don't know A from bullfoot

Bwoy stop yu fool

Not because I tan so but the Lord know what I was am

What is to is will is

Dem always waan gimme basket fi carry water an expect it fi full

Yu can carry horse go water but yu caan force it fi drink

hi seat kill miss tamas puss wha sweet nanny goat a go run im belly

Wey eyes caan si hart wont leap.

If you sleep wid dawg you rise wid flea

new broom sweep clean, old broom know corner.

anything yu no lik... no give it to other.

today fi me... tomorrow if yu.

new broom sweep clean, old broom know corner.

anything yu no like.. no give it to other.

today fi me... tomorrow if yu.

new broom sweepclean, old broom know corner anything yu no like... no give it to other today fi me... tomorrow fi yu. whay gonne bad a moning must come ou good a evelyen

bwoy if a lick yu todeh yu faawt perl button by di gross

Dem comeen like batty and bench...

Black is beauty an red is corruption

Rain a fall breeze a brow chicken batty outta door

Ride an whistle

Allie butten wuk fi nutten

yu fava corn time duppy!!!(scarecrow I think)

yu head fava sensi fowl (proud person)

yu lip long like fi draw bridge !!

craven choke puppy!! (glutten)

mi granny always used to seh.....wah sweet nanny goat a gu run him belly

long run, short ketch

mi nuh just born yes se deh

yu think mi a idot

"Every Mikkle meka mukkle" (or one one coco fill basket)

"Dont count yu chicken befo' dem hatch"

"Dont put all yu egg dem inna one basket"

"what nuh kill yu, fatten yu"

"6 a one, half a dozen a di odda"

"yu tink sey mi a tear out mi draws fi go?" - ... "

come come hog man pig ah bwoy nuh ask big man question!

uno pickney have a date tonite, wit bedrock and pillow jam hard ears pickney yuh nuh hear, yuh will feel!!

Girl, is you? Mi mind JUS' run on yuh!

Mi granny use to seh a no same dey leaf drop a wata batam e ratten.

Mi granny always used to seh....

Get yo stinkin butt outa dat bathroom or mi granny gonna take dat paddle to yo bum in a sec. And yo momma aint here to save that stinky but'a yours now.Boy,yo listenin' to may!Hello!I don't know why I try messin witch you!

Mi granny always used to seh....

Get yo stinkin butt outa dat bathroom or mi granny gonna take dat paddle to yo bum in a sec. And yo momma aint here to save that stinky but'a yours now.Boy,yo listenin' to may!Hello!I don't know why I try messin witch you!

Is where you goin wid dat "pity-pity-poor-boye" face, massah?

If pickney no hear then, them muss feel.

When my little brother was bad she would ask

''Yuh shit ina church fave vah faugh ina matches box

Yuh fava iron donkey ina shorts

Scornful dog nyam dirty puddin.

"Manners can tek yuh chu de worl wid out a penny"

De man mad like mad pus pis.

De kar shine like black dag bolls

Mi granny phrase is what gone bad a morning can't come back good a evening. Sometimes when ido something bad and i regret it she always tell me that.

mi granny used to sa wa da sweet nanny goat a go run he belly


If mi nuh liv' fi see wah happ'n ants wi cyar it cum a mi grave

smoke da cheebea

yuh no fi wase di food cause if yuh wase it today tomarrow yuh a go want it fi nam, beacuseyuh never now wa di futuer hold.


Scarnful dog niam dutty pudding

One, one coco full baskit

hard ears pickney dead ah sun hot

Who beg doan get, who doan beg doan want

Wah gone bad ah nite, cyant come good ah marnin

"Chicken merry -Hawk near"

Unnu gwine nyam air pie and nuttn chop tinight

yuh gwane fine out where water walk go a pumpkin belly.(still haven't found that out yet)

a man neva no de use a im bakside, til boil tek it...

A nuh every thing good fi good fi talk.

Di same knife weh stick sheep will stick goat

Man born fi drown cyan heng

" Hard ays pickney butten dem shut twice". " Show me yu cumpany, I tell yu who yu are". " Yu ly wid dogs, yu'll rise wid fleas". " yu can lead a donky to wata, but yu can't mek dem drink". " dawg weh keep bad cumpany will eat ded jankro meat".

Wha sweet nanny goat a go run im belly.

Yu tan de a kin yu teet lacka cam dog.

Yu feva wen batty bex wid chimmey.

Lawd gimme de pilla an tek de case.

Dawg a fi mi age a nu puppy.

if ah lick yuh yuh see, you pee pee pan yuhself!

Lawd! Tek di case an' gi mi di pilla!

A nuff more horse mi si run an' di 'ole a dem tap a Miss Mimie gate!


If yu no hear inna yu ears, yu feel inna yu kin.

Me frighten yu fenneh!

Yu coming like cool rock stone a river battam.

Howdy an tanky no brok no square

No tek mi mek pappy show, gal!!

Scawnful dawg eat dutty puddin.

When six yeye meet story done!

Stay on de crooked an cut straight.

Short cut might cut you short!

dog ha money buy cheese. when cyaan get di cheese him buy di cheese cloth cuz di money haffi spen'

Woman luck de a dungle heap... ...fowl come scratch it up

Fire de a mus-mus tail him tink a cool breeze.

Hause dead an cow fat!!

Yuh caan lide a hause to wata but yuh caan mek im drink it!!

Wah caan cum gud a maunin caan cum gud a evenin!!

Mih belli full, but mi hungry!!

Yuh no wut a penni!!

Yuh hard ears so til!!



Neva call alligator long mouth till you pass him.

wen plantin wan ded it shoot fus

so so coco betta dan sleep so so

ratta belly full putata hab kin

tek sleep an mark dead

trouble neba set like rain

a nuh everyting yu hear yu fi beleeb, tek wah im/she tell yu with a grain a salt

wah yu sew is wah yu reap

who no ha cocoa a sun nar look fu rain

no lay me spit an e dry before you come back

foul pan roost no hard fu catch

you could bawl till dhy kingdom come

you carn see fudder dan yu nose

monkey say, 'cool breeze'

monkey know wa tree who jump pam

lang grass carry news, badi-care-da ha ears to hear

Learn fi dance a yard before yu guh abroad

what is joke to de butcher, is death to de cow.

Ole time fire stick easy fi ketch

Ole time fire stick easy fi ketch

man who go to bedd with itchy batty mus wake up wid smelly fingers

de bowy soo thef milk out a coffe


Dawg a swet, long hair cuva it. If me lik yuh yuh si pickney, you lan we grass no grow.

Lis'en now pickney, Tek yuh han' out di pot 'cause yuh too damn lickey lickey!!!

The late Dr. William M. Connor c/o - Who does'nt hear by the cracking of the whip, will hear by the tolling of the bell.

"Mi granny always used to seh, not same day leaf fall it rot."

gwan kin yu teet laka cong dahg



hi i went to jamaica lots of times it is so cool






Basket Caan Carry Watta

Hard ears pickney muss feel sun hot

Yuh gu deh fi drink milk an nuh count di cow dem!

Hard ears pickney muss feel sun hot.

Yuh go deh fi drink milk an nuh count de cow dem!!

Donkey seh world nuh level.

Lie wid dawg, muss get up with flea.

Puss an dawg nuh have same luck.

What don't kill, fatten.

Pot ah call de kettle black.

When trouble tek yu pickney shut [shirt] fit big man.

Fasten ina batty hole. [In big trouble.]

What gone bad a morning cant come good a evening.

One hand cant clap.

Two heads better than one.

Throw mi corn mi neva call nu fowl.

What is joke to you is death to me.

Teeth and tongue ha fi meet.

What sweet nanny goat a go run him belly.

Find somewhere to put yu head before yu put yu cock.

ya too fass'

One one cocoa full basket.

If u no siddung under fowl roof, fowl can't shit pon u!

mi granny always used to seh , ears can't hear batty wi feel

wah sweet nanny goat agu bun im belly - 1) if a lauf a pap up

puss nu belang in a dawg bizniz

Cum in like sey puss brokk coconat inna fi yu yeye.

Stay de play fool fi ketch wise.

Yuh betta pull up yuh sacks.

Yuh teet dem fava lakka fi Kung dawg.

Nu fuss, everyting cool an curry!

weh eye nuh see heart nuh leap

play wid puppy puppy tun round lick yuh mout

Fowl dah yad nuh hade fi ketch.

Bush ha ears an wall cana ha eye.

Fire dah mus mus tail, him tink a cool breeze.

Dag drink seh fi yuh fi yuh.

Duppy know who fi frighten.

One finga cann kill louse.

Yuh nuh know four.

Day longa dah rope.

Every day bucket ga well the bottom mus drop out.

mi a go show yuh how wata walk caah punkin gut.

scornful dog nyam duttie puddin' !

yuh face fava when chimmy gwan a war an' come back

Falla fashion monkey neva drink good soup.

You black like tar pot

Duppi unda tree a kimbo

cry,cry, baby moonshine darling tek off your clothes and go to ya bed:when u go to sunday school teacha call u a big duppi fool

Small axe chap dun big tree!

cow nu knue ey use a fi im tail til ih chap off!! whey yu feed maugga dog ih tun round and bite yu!!!

Uno pickney dem wan a licken'

A wah dis! You tan yesa and I tan hesa

Empty barrel make the most noise.

when trouble tek yuh pickney shoes fit yu

Every hoe have dem stick a bush..

Pig ask im madda, "mumma why yu mout so long", im madda say chile yu a come yu wi see.

the cow never know the use of �im tail until the butcher cut it off





My granny still sey: " same kata same drum, nuh richer nuh poorer, nuh betta a mawning, nuh betta a evening mi de ya a look and live like bredda puss and bredda dawg." (of course this is her response when asked how she doing) "the higha a monki cliam the more him expose"

"lang run, shart cetch" moove ova an let dan doda cum true

whah a fi caan bi unfi yuh.

chicken merri 'awk deh near.

wah sweet nanny goat run 'im belly

'uman luck deh a dungle heap.

if yuh neva go a fowl roose fowl 'ouldnt filt pah yuh.

im cum home when dawg 'fraid.

'im rich soh 'til 'im can tell cow howdie.

'ow yuh soh mahga?, yuh fava when maskita nah get good care

si dung neva sey git up.

di hous' shine like a dalla piece

when banana wah dead 'im shoot

di hiyah di monkey climb di more 'im expose 'im self

let sleeping dawg lie

'im black like ace of spade

yuh teet yellow like yuh a advatise carnmeal

weh eye noh si hart noh leap

neva si cum si

a noh one time monkey wah wife

puss gawn rat tek charge

yuh fava heng pah nail

tek time talk,bush hab heaz and stump wear hat

too much rat neva dig a good hole

every dawg hab 'im day

every tub a sidung pan dem own batty

yuh spit inna di sky it fall inna yuh face

yuh too red eye 

"If me gi yu a bitch lick yu see pickney, yu tink a cool breeze"

di higha di monkey climb a de more im expose imself

chicken merry, hawk deh near

fiya deh a mus mus tale im tink a cool breeze

one one cooco full basket

save yuh tears fi wen mi ded an gawn

Tideh fi yuh tomorrow fi mi

noh mek mi lick yuh weh grass noh grow yaaw pickney

have have nuh want it and wanti wanti caant get it

si an blind hear an deaf

if yuh want good yuh nose haffi run

feast tideh famine tomorrow

if yuh neva goh a fowl roose fowl wouldn't filt pon yuh

gal mak yuh so lick-ie-licky

gal mak yuh so lick-ie-licky

ya eat chicken batty caz ya mout nan stop

Mi Granny used to seh " He who have raw meat muss seek fire!

" not everybady weh sey Lord Lord ago enta

" Yu haffi kiss jackass, before you can ride im.

"if yu nose was a door post where yu would hang the hinges

don't mek yu madda affi hol ar belly an ball fi yu.

I going to ban my belly.

Learn fi dance a yard , before yu go an dance abroad .

Let sleeping dawgs lye .

cool yu heels man !

one an half dozen of di otha.

tek up yu carouches .

please to lef mi alone .

shit run up, it noh run dung.

samr place yuh pick up yuh nose north go bac deh go blow it out!!!

Cow nuh know di use of 'im tail till fly tek him

Neva trouble trouble 'till trouble trouble yu...

mi fren mother seh..

if yu gi weh yu batty, yu a go shit thru yu ribs...

and mi Granny seh..

in life you ave yu do's and dont's, an yu betta nu do yu dont's

wen mi hear from di shout...

long run,short ketch

wen bad luck a falla yuh, wet paper cut yuh

hog neva Know di use ah im tail, till it en' up inna salt barrel 5)mout mek fi talk

scornful dawg nyam dutty puddn'

'im look like seh johncrow ah roas' plantain fi 'im

siddung neva seh gittup

one han' caan clap

come hell or high water...

sleep till sun grow sucka

yuh nah cut nuh dash

monkey fi know weh 'im ah go put 'im tail, before 'im order trousers

wha'appen, macka inna yuh bed?

"a seh cu yah! Yu se me dyin trial...

Hard Head makes a soft ASS!!!!!!!!!!!

"What last too long serves two masters"

"All who no hear will feel"

"Hard ears pickney always die inna sun hot"

Who don't hear will feel

jah nuh wear pajama

nevva miss old knife til im gone

If you no see dung unda fowl roof, fowl can' shit pon u.

Fire de a muss muss tail

A no one day monkey a go wan' wife

Every mickle mek a muckle

Chicken merry.....hawk de near.

Dawg nyam yu suppa.

Kiss mi neck.

I' wi betta befo' yu married.

Jack panya cry fi fedda 'im no cry fi livin'.

Evry half a hoe ha dem 'tick a bush.

Rubbish de a bush.....i' only wan sinting good fi come catch i' weh.

Yu ears no bore.

Yu no dun go up deh tro weh yu 'tick.

Yu woulda neva gi' mi akam seed.

Back foot.

Mi nuh wan yu get sheg up.

Yu see evry body a jump pan two foot....yu jump pan one.

Learn fi cut an carve.

Learn fi tie yu belly tight.

Bad as sting be.

when trouble tek uno pickney shut fit uno.

Where ever u be, let it be free cause that was the end of Poor Mary Lee! (the answer is "passing gas")

Mek hay while de sun-shine

Cause yuh neva know what tomorrow will bring....

Pickney,,,yu too ungrateful

If a lik yu tonite,,yu granny feel it.

Jesus Savior pilot me! Nuh mek mi spit an it dry up an yu nuh come back!

My grandma used to say... Long time no hear.

And tree times i called that man!!!

what happein mon, havent heard from u in such a long time!!

Hold your fork and knife right.

girls arnt supposed to whistle!!

Fowl we feed a hand no hard fi catch

Mi not fattnin cockroach fi fowl

"Pickney must be seen and not heard"

"Dawg a go nyam yuh suppa"

a weh dog have, him give him friend. nuh mek night catch yuh still a look food.

mi ole time granny used to sey yu wi red again

yuh a young bud an young bud no know storm/dry limb!

i lke asses

MI nah clean no course wha monkey gang up

Ya grow come see

uhh........go eat fruit of some odd sort

di higher monkey climb, di more him batty expose

neva mine mi chile, tek kin teet kibba heart bun (burn)

but si ya pickney ...

weh sweet yu a go sour yu.

pickney go study yu book.

fi yu mout mussi set pan spring.

yu soon find out how muck o'clock a strike.

eet di likle food gyal yu see how yu belly sink een like dem hungry dawg

unu young people bawn wid goal spoon inna unu mouth an noh know how fi gi tanks fa.

'a wha mek u ears so tuff? stick bruk in deh?

hard ears mek a soft behind

ah gwine meet u waterloo.jus wait till a ketch u.

every puss have dem 4'o clock.

show mi u fren an mi tell yu who yu are

cow caan hear woo. neck belong to butcha.

manners carry u through the world.

tief neva like fi see tief wid long bag.

drowning man catch after straw.

mi chile, be careful. im will promise u de moon and stars and dont own a light bulb.

'a wha mek u ears so tuff? stick bruk in deh?

hard ears mek a soft behind

ah gwine meet u waterloo.jus wait till a ketch u.

every puss have dem 4'o clock.

show mi u fren an mi tell yu who yu are

cow caan hear woo. neck belong to butcha.

manners carry u through the world.

tief neva like fi see tief wid long bag.

drowning man catch after straw.

mi chile, be careful. im will promise u de moon and stars and dont own a light bulb.

Dog belly full potato ave skin

( means you may be picky about what you eat ,but after you eat it you will get fed)

jackass seh world nuh level

when tief tief tief , God laugh

lack yu mouth before mi shet it fi yu,

dawg a dawg pus a diffrent sinting.

Poopa Jesus give mi strent








A nuh di same dey leef drap inna wata eh ratten.

Nuh mek mi hav fi lik out yuh plate kloth fram outa di grass kart.

Cow nuh no di use a im tail til fly pitch pon it.

Yu neva no di use a yuh batty til boil tek it.

Dawg goine nam yuh suppa.

Yei (eye) nuh sell a markit.

God, tek di case an' gimme di pillow!

when plantain wan' dead, it shoot!

sorry fi mawga dawg,'im tun roun' bite yuh...

if yuh born fi drown, yuh cyaan hang...

play wit' puppy, puppy lick yuh nose..

throw stone inna pig pen, di one weh bawl out, a 'im get lick

fire deh a muss muss tail, 'im tink a cool breeze...

humble calf suck di most milk...

everyday bucket go a well, one day di bottom mus' drop out...

neva cast yuh pearl among swine

don' waste powder pon blackbird...

come yah Liza!

tan deh wait pon mi...

yuh see har? dat is dishclaat, tun tableclaat...

yuh see har? dat is dishclaat, tun tableclaat...

Hot lik & Backside nuh 'gree.

Ah nuh same day leaf fall ina pon e rotten.

Ol woman a swear fe calaloo -- Calaloo a swear fe run she belly.

Go fix yuself. Yu look like heng pan nail.

And her Saturday special --

Kirrout - yu nuh se seh me jus clean de house. If a lik yu tiday yu pee-pe drizzle laka rain.

When dawg have enuff money im buy im own fleas!

It is better to shutup and be considered a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

mi bruk, caan even stop a stale bread cart!

tek hog and put him inna white shirt, himgo right back go walla inna mud

good foul a go a market, senseh pick pu himself seh him a go to.

as yuh look a yuh headside, yuh see seh yuh will lef yuh mumma suga-pan a market

same knife weh stick sheep, stick goat

yuh head feava when 3 people lef inna market

yuh gwine shit pon yuh white frock!!! (everything she tells you, you say:"mi know")

Kiss mi neck what a piece sah renkingness.

How come yuh suh bright?!?!

Aman might tink dat ar puss tighyt, den me tink he cock wee tiny

a stiche in time save nine

"Yu see 'ow yur mouth look like fowl batty?".

"Is wha yu tek mi fah?; yu tek dis ting fi a joke".

"When money gone, salt pork come".

"'im likkle, but, 'im talawaa".

"Don' mek me lick yu down, kill yu".

"'im trow some lick inna 'im shut yu see."

"Yuh see yu? Yuh see yuh?"

"Yuh 'ead big like a warf dawg".

"Is wha yu tek mi fah?; yu tek dis ting fi a joke".

"When money gone, salt pork come".

"'im likkle, but, 'im talawaa".

"Don' mek me lick yu down, kill yu".

"'im trow some lick inna 'im shut yu see."

"Yuh see yu? Yuh see yuh?"

"Yuh 'ead big like a warf dawg".

"Is wha yu tek mi fah?; yu tek dis ting fi a joke".

"When money gone, salt pork come".

"'im likkle, but, 'im talawaa".

"Don' mek me lick yu down, kill yu".

"'im trow some lick inna 'im shut yu see."

"Yuh see yu? Yuh see yuh?"

"Yuh 'ead big like a warf dawg".

"Is wha yu tek mi fah?; yu tek dis ting fi a joke".

"When money gone, salt pork come".

"'im likkle, but, 'im talawaa".

"Don' mek me lick yu down, kill yu".

"'im trow some lick inna 'im shut yu see."

"Yuh see yu? Yuh see yuh?"

"Yuh 'ead big like a warf dawg".

Walk fe nuttin betta den sit fe nuttin

Yuh mout set pon spring? Yuh mouth big like fi puddin pan Yuh mouth white like when jackass a nam starch...







if mi lick yuh, yuh filt!

wey no kill fatten, wey no fatten forgotten

wen you kotch pon people eyelash, no temp dem fi quint

Chiken merry hawk de near..

Tik ya, yuh tink a joke mi a mek!!!

every dog 'ave 'im day, a' 'im puss 'im four o'clock

play wid puppy, puppy lick yu out' (actually Mummy said these two, but she done owl ahreddy, so it might as well be granny weh did seh so)

but see here!!!!


SAve yuh tears till makka juk yuh !!

" Yuh feyva iron donkie inna shaarts"

Nega people caaaaaan tek promotion

If yu cyaan hear, then yu a goh feel.

Mada fire say if yu caan hear a yu ears yu wi hear a yu backside!!

Dat de bwoy so teef him cuda teef milk out a caufee tea!!

Da bwoy de so chat him moat jus a gwaan like sammy moat. Lard tap de nise an mek mi yess nyam grass.

This is not a saying, but, unnuh eva wonda ah ow Jamaican people suh brazin'? Imagine, everybaddy else weh a tief weh come a farien come pan boat, but we affi come pan plane, well bush out wid wi suitcase full ah tings fi all ah who wi expec fi si when wi come yah! Si weh "Mi ole granny use to seh" yah: " Me wanda if ah bomb clash inna yuh eaiz (ears) 'ole?"

Mi granny always used to seh, gwan a yuy bed.

Sun gone doown aw moon rease, Aw baby aw lie doown pa lef ease.

Sun gone doown aw moon rease, di baby aw lie doown pa lef ease.

If yu rub butter a pus mouth, im must lik it

never swap black dawg fi monkey

"all dos who cwan hear will feel!!"

"oh yu so aise hawd?"

"a kill yu wan kill me?"

"gwan an see if mi nuh gi yu two tump inna yu backside"

"watch me ahn yu when mi come home!"

"weh yah cry fah? yu wahn mi gi yu sumting fi cry fah?"

"is wah sweet yu?"

"yu too rude! learn yu mannas!"

wha sweet nanny goat a guh run im belly.

Mi Granny Used to Say, "Poppyshow have dem geng" and "Back a dawg a dutty dawg, in front a dawg a Mr. Dawg"

When yuh see trouble you fi run. Yuh too force ripe. If yuh know you draws have whole shet you foot. Yuh too licky licky, yuh soon get ketch.

Chicken Merry, Hawk deh near!

Dawg a sweat but lang hair cova it!

Once a man, twice a chile!!(child)

Mi Nuh Ramp With It.

Yu head big like when hog hav cold or Yu head fava roast coco. If u throw stone in a hog pen, de one who bawl out, a dem y lik! Tan up de a look pon me, a beat u wan beat mi! Yu betta dan dawg. lef mi pickney mek mi ears nyam grass. the way how yu chat, yu fada mus y preacher!

Kiss mi granny neck back Ow yu so foo-fool yu muss tink seh mi baan de oda day tek time walk walk good you smell like ten days cabbage wata go scratch yu batty pon burr wire pickney whey no hear a go feel

Wen one go t'ru de next wan get stuck No ack lek falla fashion monkee Na falla no fashion

de pig you raise, me raise de mother.

im pitch pupa lik pan dutti

hard ears pickney, will feel

rain a fall, but dutti tough

tree nuh grow ina my face!

im shoes a bun im, but im a galang same way

u too fas'an chatty chatty

yu nuh fi gi wey yu ass an shit tru yu ribs

sweet nanny goet a go run im belly

mek dem drive fast galang, them have appintment wid death

Lord tek di case an gimi di pillow

You tink say me a go walk through you fe see moon shine! You tink say you meat caan eat!

yu can bring the donkey to the water but yu can't let him drink it

Wha' sweet ya, will sour ya!

Watch u self u hear pickney

The higher the monkey climb the more im expose im behind.

A no everyday monkey want wife.

Me come from weh pat a bwoil an no fire no deh

Gi mi you back chat mek i gi you mi back hand

bush dem afe eyes and wall dem afe ears

You want two bitch lick!!!

Neva try to ketch a flea ina hurry-it mite fly.

Don't test mi faith

Nuh badda get pan mi wrong side in ere

Every mickle mek a muckle

kiss mi neck

sweet jesus,a wha mi duh yuh

If i lick yuh, yuh piss up yuh self

see how yuh face skin up skin up like crush callaloo

but stop; but see ya

empty bag caan't stan up

yuh tink seh me an yuh a de same size

nuh gimme no lip

fix yuh face

-Lawd tek di case an gimme di pillo -But anybody si me trail

Pickney go iron yu clothes dem fava calaloo bungle

You chat to Mucking Fuch

When ashes cold dog sleep in it. Wait on time. Dat nuh full eye. (not good enough) Bwoy so dunce, cyan do nutten but chop grass. Me know him from when Adam was a bwoy. De amount of material whey him tear. (when a man curse badwords)

Follow fashion monkey never drink good soup.


423 South Fremont Alhambra, CA 91801

hard ears pickney mus feel

Any body give you joke?

nuh every thing good fi eat good fe talk!

trouble no set like rain!

nuh every thing good fi eat good fe talk!




Fi yuh piss nuh bun grass yet!

Tek yuh han tun fashion missis!

lawd God

Hosh, befar me skin ya bumbleclart teet, (dem)

Lawd a mercy!

Man buy rum and fly fus drunk

Live well man drink soup wid fork

Liberty come tru carelessness

Wha yu eye no see di heart no leap


If yu caan hear yu mus feel

if yu too happi yu a gu fine out how wata walk gu a pumkin belly

yuh look like seh when thunda clap puss unda pear tree

A nuh mi granny, cause mi nuh memba her. But ah so mi madda did say

"Unnuh goin' bring me to bamboo ashes" "A place fuh everyting an everyting in it place"

when una a go a school and put una head to una lesson an nuh walk an trouble any pikney a road.

Mi Granny used to say -

Mi Granny used to say -....wha sweet Nanny Goat a go run him belly. When ashes cold ,dog sleep in deh A nuh the same day leaf drop in a water it rotten . New broom sweep clean, old broom know de corner. The higher monkey climb de more him expose.






"If it doesn't come out in the wash - It will come out in the rinse"





Me Mumma seh dem yah If mi lick yu yu piss Mi wi gi yu 2 bitch lick.

"walk good"

One,one coco full basket.

Wah sweet yuh a go sowah yuh.

Tek di mata out a yuh yei (eye) befo yuh tek out fimi.

Fi de lickin of de spoon, yuh lass the spoon full

Puss belly full, rat batty stink

Two rat caun dig good ole. Two bull caun rule inna one pen.

pig ask im mumma way mek ar mout so long, she sah yuh a grow come yuy wi sih.

dat deh is hotta dan nine days love.

when yu drop boop, me drop tip

pikney bway, mek yu so hard ears?

look ya massa, me wi kick yu wey grass no grow

but yu see me dying trials?

if I lick yu, yu fwat!!!

when I use to hang around with my friends in our yard, mi granny use to sey....if da backyard de no give yu gal, it ago give yu bway.

tek een maga dog, maga dog tun roun' an dite yuh.

yu free paper soon bun

High wind know where old house live.

You can hide and buy ground but you can't hide and work it.

dogs does sweat but long hair hides it.

you will never miss a slice from a loaf that's already cut.

me nah fatten chicken fi mangose

yuh hav to much ion inna fira

mi lickle but mi talawa

... don't smoke the brown weed...

yu hav fe mash ans belly fe se wah in deh

yuh hav fi mash ans fi se wah ina dem belly

...mi know dah sang deh fram mi yeye deh a mi knee.......

...fram Adam bawn til now mi neva si such a baderation...

Cockroach no business inna fowl fight.

Every mickle mek a muckle

mi madda yusta sey

"quiet riva run deep"

Beg water cyan boil cow skin.

Stone ah river bottom nuh know wha stone ah roadside ah feel.

you big like a mud frog

"'ard ears pickeny dead a sun 'at"

"Sick man nuh care, dactah nuh care"

"Mi hungry till mi blue"

"What is joke to you is deat to anaada"

"don't bite di an wha feed yuh"

"today was a memorey and today is a gift"

you mussi outta you cotton picking mind

who cyan hear mus feel

Betta belly bust dan good food waste.

Wanti' wanti' caan' geti', Geti' geti' no wanti'

Yuh tink seh yuh a Aligasta(big shot)?

Yuh look good from far, but, yuh ongly look far from good

Yuh ah no dreamboat, yuh ah nitemare

Unnu always togedda like Psyche & Trimm

Yuh chat so muh, yuh mussi nyam chicken batty

Yuh hed bumpy-bumpy like blackpeppa grain

Go bathe, yuh dutty, tink, & sweet

Careful, if yuk kin poop-a-lick(cartwheel)

Unnu pickney gwaan like unnu big,unnu a ongly fluxey mango

Yuh too fenke-fenke(wishy washy)

Hard yez pickeney bun inna sun hot

Yuh mussi tink seh mi born when mi ma gone a mawket

If every time yu open yu mouth yu put yu foot in it, One day yu choke on yu socks

Want it want it can't get it, and get it get it nuh want it.

Who nuh beg nay get it, and who nuh beg nuh want it.

Scornful dog eat dirty pudding

Jus cause yuh grow likkle fur pan yuh front, yuh tink seh yuh a big man/woman

You tink say me ago look through you fe see moonshine

Yuh bwoil corn but yuh steam rice.

Horse dead, cow fat and mule margar

Is wha de likkle angal(angel) cudda do now mek unno a murder im so?! (Whenever we were being spanked or beaten as we know it)

Wilful waste mek woeful want!

If yu caan hear yu wi feel!

A promise is only a comfort to a fool.

Yu neva too old fi get yu bahind wipped. Yu tink sey yu a big ooman cau yu leg dem long.Yu wrong Nuh falla di crowd cau u wi get lef. Move yu rass

weh sweet yu will suh wah yu

kibber yo mouth

pickney a ha pickney

Belli full, pitata ha string

Madda suck de sour grape, pickney eye de pon edge

Stay pon crooked and cut straight

Far apart mek okra supple

Puss bruk coconut ina yu eye

man nu dead, no call him duppy

Cut off one's nose to spite one's face

Cant make love pon empty belly

Scornful daag naam dutty pudding