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Dead Train - Randy Newman

Poor White Hound Dog
Ry Cooder & Merry Clayton

Natural Magic - Ry Cooder

Memo From Turner - Mick Jagger

British crime drama starring James Fox and Mick Jagger in his film acting debut. Produced in 1968 but not released until 1970 - CLICK HERE for Wikipedia article

A review of the soundtrack album from

Before they WEREN'T rock stars - January 15, 2003
By "omdroparebop" (Cleveland, OH USA)

Never mind "best soundtrack;" this is one of the best records, ever. Back before Randy Newman became a Hollywood hack; before Mick became a recycled old ponce; before Ry Cooder (God bless him) became a full time archivist; before rap became an industry; before Jack Nitzche became, well, dead; this is what they were capable of. (Remember; the film was made back when Anita Pallenberg looked good ...). Every cut on this disc is masterful, rip-roaring, full of dark ecstasy. Not a throwaway in the bunch. Jack Neitzche stitched together this mad, joyous, terrifying collection. I don't think anyone has done a better job since, painting a soundscape of acid,[and] bad whiskey .... A recent quote from Charlie Manson could apply: "I was crazy back when crazy meant something."

Somewhat Unrelated Topic (Merry Clayton and Mick Jagger are both on Performance soundtrack)
Merry Clayton's backup vocals on Rolling Stone's Gimme Shelter

Short clip in two parts:
First part is Merry signing her backup isolated
Second part is how it sounds in the released recording