"Better Vision Naturally"
An article about Henry O Little, MD
Prevention Magazine, May 1981

Theodore Hoffmann


  • Talk given by Tom in 2008:
    (Approximate listening time 1 hour)

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CLICK HERE for a 1929 news article about how Henry Little Sr. and another doctor in Manitoba saved a crazed woman from a death leap.  She had broken out of her straight jacket at the hospital and climbed out on the ledge 75 feet above the ground for the purpose of jumping to her death.  The two doctors climbed out and followed her.  After a desperate death defying struggle they were able to subdue her with chloroform and drag her back into the room.

Obituary, Albany Times Union, April 1990

Tom Little interview from the 1990's

Barack Obama - Reading from "Dreams from My Father"
September 1995 - Cambridge Public Library

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